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1953 - 1962 Corvette
Chevrolet's response to the flood of European sports cars in the 1950s was the Corvette, a cross between Italian and American dream car styles. The panoramic windshield and jukebox dash were just what Uncle Sam ordered, but the flimsy soft top and the fiberglass bodywork, combined with rather feeble power outputs, made the early Corvette a hard sell to the American public.

Major improvements in style and comfort came with the 1956 model, and mechanical fuel-injection and a 4-speed option in 1957 made the Corvette a world-class performer.

6-cylinder and fuel-injected cars are the most valuable, but all early Corvettes turn heads like few other automobiles.
Pricing Details by Keith Martin
Generation Info Rating
Years Made1953-1962 ReliabilityReliability
Number Made69,015 Maintenance CostsMaintenance Costs
Max Power150 hp hp to 360 hp Parts and SupportParts and Support
Max Speed100-125 Market AppealMarket Appeal
Current Market Prices
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